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Q. How can I pay for my purchases?

A. You can pay for your purchases using Master-Card, Visa, Delta, Switch, and Solo. We do not except American Express. Your credit card details will be encrypted to help keep them secure.


Q. How do I find what I am looking for?

A. You can browse through our entire product catalogue from using the search facility located at the top of the screen.


You can select whether you wish to use contacts and /or planning documents. You can search products by category, job function, name, region or postcode, post town or country. Once you have found the job product or job positions you are looking for, you can then run a search click on the name, job function and or data download or data view image to view product details, or click Add to Basket instantly add the product to your basket. To buy further products, simply repeat this process.



You can remove products from your Basket at any time. Having placed all desired items into your shopping basket, click on Basket to view your order and enter any promotional codes you have. Then click Checkout to proceed. Once in the checkout you will be required to either register or log-in (if you haven't already). Some extra information will be required such as payment and address details.


Q. How do I know that my order has been received?

A. Upon receipt of your order, an 'order confirmation' screen will be generated issuing a unique order reference number. You can save this number for future reference. You will also receive an email confirming your order details.Q. How secure is my order?A. All transactions that are completed on this website use the highest level of encryption (128bit SSL).



Card processing is passed to an external website for processing. do not hold any customer details to enhance your security. To reduce the risk of fraud, all card details are passed to the PayPal site for processing.


PayPal captures and stores credit card details, so the level of security you can expect is the same as you could expect from a major UK bank.


Q. I can't find what I want to buy online. What can I do?

A. You can go to the EUHealth Shop where all our products are located. But if you are still unable to find the product that you require then please contact us and we will advise you if the product is available for sale with details telling you how you may purchase this item. If we do not have the product for sale we will try to direct you to another provider who may be able to help you.


Q. I haven't received the data selection ordered on the internet yet. Where are they?

A. For orders placed before 12.00 pm midday, we will make every effort to allow you to use the prepaid selection button on the same working day. If you cannot see the prepaid button your order on your log in has not been processed as yet, please check back in 1 hour . For more assistance, contact Online Sales on 44 (0) 844 567 9364 or by email.


Q. My order has been declined/hasn't worked - what does this mean and what can I do?

A. Firstly, you may have entered your payment card details incorrectly. In which case, click the 'Back' button, check for errors and then try submitting your order again. If your order is still refused, your bank or building society may have refused your request for funds.For more assistance, contact Online Sales on +44 (0) 844 567 9364 or by clicking here for our contact form.


Q. The incorrect amount of money has come out of my account - what can you do?

A. Provide us with the order details and we will investigate the problem. If we find that in the unlikely event an error has been made, we will rectify the problem by crediting the original payment method within 5 working days of the notification.



Q. What happens if the website provides the wrong count or product information?

A. We are constantly updating the database in real time therefore the counts may differ from one day to the next. However if you contact Online Sales on +44 (0) 844 567 9364 or by clicking here for our contact form, we can always advise you if another batch will be uploaded. For regular job functions and updates, we offer discounts against order quantities and or regular job functions within western EU countries so please subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed.



Q. When does the money for my order leave my account?

A. Your card is authorised when making your order online. However, the money does not leave your account until your order is despatched to you.



Q. Why can't I buy certain items online?

A. While we try to maintain availability of all products there are occasions when we are out of stock. In this case the product is removed from sale until we have sufficient stock to satisfy orders. Some items are placed on the web for information only and are only available from your local stockist.


Q. Will the website remember my details next time I enter the website?

A. If you have registered with,the web site will remember your information once you have logged in. You will, however have to re-enter your card details if you wish to make another purchase. We do not hold any credit card information. This is for your protection against fraud.


Q. How long can I use the data for?

A. You can use the data for as many times as you like within a 12 month period of time from the date of the transaction. We will then invoice you again at 50% of your original payment, for a full refreshed dataset with all the updates against the job functions, regions or portions you originally selected.

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