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Here at EUHealth we believe that the customer/patient wants'greater choice. But at the same time that you and your clients do not want to be bombarded with lots of adverts and questions, and as a buyer you don't want the fuss of designing and constructing it either! That's why at EUHealth our email broadcasting and survey's can be specifically designed to your company or companies product.


What are our survey features:


With you can host one or more surveys under

your own private sub-domain, allowing for a more flexible but

also controlled presentation of your product which you want

to aim at your target audience. This is additionally enhanced by

access to a variety of Social Networks. As people become more

connected and more influenced by current events the need to

provide easy and quick access to information is key. At EUHealth

we can integrate your survey with popular social networking

sites such as Twitter and Facebook, inviting them to complete

your surveys from their own accounts.


Furthermore we offer an excellent email broadcasting service, covering

27 EU Countries:

But surveys only go far enough. That is why if you join our Email Broadcasting service then not only will you be able to assess how your product is doing but target your audience with the right product. Our email opt-in email contacts cover not just the United Kingdom but 27 EU Countries, giving you access to contacts in the largest single market in the world.  


The benefits of our Email and Survey services are:


Access to clinical and non-clinical contacts for our subscribers and a health panel of registered users.


Reports on the quantity of invitations against number and content of completed surveys and  detailed data on incomplete surveys and declined invitations with the opportunity to carry out invitation resends. 


Targeting your audience with mail shots/presentations which can invite clinicians and healthcare managers who have opted into your specialist interest area.                                     


EUHealth will either design, manage and populate the survey for you, from 2 to 20 pages.  (See an example here:     


You can (should you choose) host your own survey or to just email broadcast to our opt-in community.   


                                                                                                                                                                   EUHealth will upon request upload and deliver your email broadcast.

Click here to see an example        


Deliver a presentation, like our standard presentation which

you can view here: CLICK HERE


You can run the count on your selected clinical field or job title.                                                                                You can also upload your email broadcast to the EUHealth server.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Select a date and time of your choosing for despatch.

Choose up to 5 email addresses to test and proof your format and

layout prior to despatch (We will request URLs or surveys you wish

to link so  we can check our opt-in panel will work with your



Once you are happy with your email, presentation or both; then we will send you a report (if requested) in real time of the number of read's, click-through  and click-through by each link embedded into email-broadcast's. (Please see our brochure on email reporting. Click here for more information on our Reporting.)

We  work with all our customers in order to tailor our coverage across EU. If there is a particular discipline, you need, please email with your requests.

Please click here email broadcast samples for recent examples of campaign successes, we have to protect the company identify and products.

Click on this image to see what our standard email presentations have to offer.

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